New York Newsday Story on SOA

By admin on July 21, 2005

On July 21 Newsday ran a great story titled Pols Call to Shut Paramilitary School, about the efforts of New York politicians in the fight to
close the SOA.

The article quotes Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-Mineola) as saying, "I believe
the link between the school and [human rights] abuses must be investigated." She also pointed out
that the reforms that were supposed to accompany the notorious school’s name change after it narrowly
escaped being shut down in 1999 were superficial. SOA supporter Rep. Peter King is quoted as saying,
"The School of the Americas has advanced democracy in Latin America."

The people of
Colombia’s Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado would not agree with
King: The article brings up SOA grad Gen. Héctor Jaime Fandino Rincón, who commanded
a brigade responsible for the February 21 massacre of community leader Luis Eduardo Guerra-Guerra,
three children, and four other adults.

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