Congressional Bill to Shut Down SOA Coming to a Vote This Week!

By admin on June 22, 2007


Reps. Engel, McCarthy, Meeks, Rangel, Towns, and Velazquez–all Democratic Congresspeople from Long Island and NYC–have not signed up to cosponsor this bill but cosponsored a similar bill last year

Please call or write your congressperson immediately and urge him or her to vote for HR 1707 to suspend operation of and investigate WHINSEC (fka the School of Americas or SOA).

From SOA Watch: It’s been a year since our last vote in Congress, and the work of thousands of people like you across the Americas who care about justice has gotten us to where we are today. Let’s seize this opportunity to make history in the defense for human rights! We expect a close vote in the House this week, and we need as many people as possible flooding the offices of Members of Congress with calls in support of a YES vote on the amendment! We need you to call, email and fax Congress every day until the vote happens. Tell your family and friends to do the same!

SOA Watch Long Island and NYC thanks the following New York congresspeople for supporting HR 1707:

  • Rep Ackerman, Gary L. (D-5)
  • Rep Bishop, Tim (D-1)
  • Rep Crowley, Joseph (D-7)
  • Rep Gillibrand, Kirsten (D-20)
  • Rep Higgins, Brian (D-27)
  • Rep Hinchey, Maurice D. (D-22)
  • Rep Israel, Steve (D-2)
  • Rep Maloney, Carolyn B. (D-14)
  • Rep McNulty, Michael R. (D-21)
  • Rep. Nadler, Jerrold (D-8)
  • Rep Serrano, Jose E. (D-16)
  • Rep Slaughter, Louise McIntosh (D-28)
  • Rep Walsh, James T. (R-25)
  • Rep Weiner, Anthony (D-9)

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