Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Resistance Day October 12 with Carlos Mauricio

By Andy on September 24, 2007
Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Resistance Day! Dia de la Resistancia Indigena – Dia de la Raza

Torture Survivor Speaks Out

A story of resistance and a struggle for justice

Friday October 12
7 p.m.
All Soul’s Church
Reidy Friendship Hall
1157 Lexington Ave. at 80th St., Manhattan

Carlos Mauricio

…challenges the claim that torture is an acceptable tool in the fight against, so-called, “terrorists.” His government once labeled him a “terrorist”.

As a professor at the University of San Salvador in 1983, Carlos was abducted and tortured by the Salvadoran military because he spoke out against injustice. Now, a high school teacher in San Francisco, he speaks around the country about his experience. He won a major lawsuit against two Salvadoran generals responsible for his brutal treatment. He founded the Stop Impunity Project to educate people about torture, to support survivors and to hold perpetrators accountable. He joined with School of the Americas (SOA) Watch founder, Fr. Roy Bourgeois, and persuaded several South American governments to withdraw their soldiers from the SOA.

Film showing: “The Panama Deception” 1992 Academy Award winner

Revolutionary songs with Salvadoran musician, singer: Jorge Renderos!

Sponsors: NYC School of the Americas (SOA) Watch, NY CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador), Resistance Cinema, All Souls’ Church Peace Task Force

Suggested donation: $5.00. Refreshments.

Carlos will also speak at the Mothers on the Move Rally on Saturday October 6. Meet at Crotona Park, Bronx at noon.

Join SOA Watch for the annual Vigil at Fort Benning, GA to

Close the SOA, November 16-18! (attended by over 20,000 people last year)

Contact Andy Kafel, 201-207-1493, for more information.

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SOA/WHINSEC Instructors Jailed for Involvement in Colombian Drug Cartel

By admin on September 19, 2007

According to an August 18 AP story, 13 high-ranking officers accused of providing security and mobilizing troops for the leader of the Norte del Valle Cartel, one of the FBI’s 10 most-wanted criminals.

Over half of the 13 military officials implicated in the drug cartel protection ring attended the U.S. Army School of the Americas and/or its successor institute, the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. Two were even instructors at the school, where they taught “peacekeeping operations” and “democratic sustainment” in 2003-2004.

SOAW Watch posted an eloquent response on their site: “These events serve as a sad reminder of the consequences of the SOA/WHINSEC’s policies, or lack thereof, regarding the tracking of its students and evaluating the actual results of the training it provides. The school claims to be a tool for furthering democratic values and human rights in the Western Hemisphere yet the facts show that a significant number of its graduates have consistently engaged in human rights violations and criminal activity.”

Go to SOAW.org for the full story.

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SOA Watch Long Island’s Big Event!

By admin on September 6, 2007

On October 11, SOA Watch Long Island hosts professors Lesley Gill and Mario Murillo for a roundtable discussion on the SOA and Military Training in America

Don’t miss this great roundtable about the SOA and military training and political violence in Latin America. Lesley Gill, Professor of Anthropology at American University, will address the nefarious influence of the SOA in Latin America. Mario Murillo, Professor of Communications at Hofstra University, and host of “Wake Up Call” on WBAI, will speak about the role of the SOA in Colombia. Spread the word!

The School of the Americas, Military Training, and Political Violence in Latin America
Thursday, October 11, 7:30pm
Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock
48 Shelter Rock Road, Manhasset
(LIE exit 36N; Northern State exit 27)

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Invite Carlos Mauricio to Your Next Meeting

By admin on September 6, 2007

The Salvadoran torture survivor will be in New York from October 6 to 12.

Carlos Mauricio will return to New York this fall to talk about human rights, specifically speaking out against torture and facilities like the SOA/WHINSEC in Georgia, and the ILEA (International Law Enforcement Academy), a U.S.-sponsored academy for police forces across Latin America, based in El Salvador.

Carlos is especially interested in speaking with young people at the high school and college levels. We will post his fall schedule soon. If you’d like to invite Carlos to your school, church or other organization, contact NYC SOA Watch’s Andy Kafel at 201-207-1493.

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