Remembering Susan Blake

By admin on October 5, 2007

We lost a good friend this week. Susan Blake, a dedicated activist and a Long Island SOA Watch board member, passed away on October 3.

Mara Bard of Long Island SOAW remembers Susan Blake:

Susan was the voice of the organization PeaceSmiths. She was on many fronts struggling for peace, justice, equality, and a better education and health for everybody . . . and for many more issues that will take too long to enumerate.

Susan was an inspiration for all of us with her ideas and suggestions. She never missed an opportunity to mention in public the need to close the SOA.

Every November when I went to Fort Benning to protest in front of the SOA, Susan and many other activists did a simultaneous demonstration in front of Peter King’s office. In the past years, we connected through a cell phone and I used to report what was going on from Fort Benning, Georgian, to Long Island. So, this year will be very hard not to hear Susan’s voice on the other side of the line.

The people who knew Susan were very lucky to enjoy her friendship, a friendship with a warm and committed human being, one of those rare jewels.

She will be missed by many of us.

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